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Interesting facts from the penetration of the technologies.

How many in the world of pieces of equipment, machines and mechanisms not know for certain no one in the world, according to some experts, the number of equipment in the world exceeds 50 000 000 000 units, in addition to this number, add the number of machines and mechanisms, which do not fall under the category of equipment it can be a factor doubling, and perhaps as a safety net. Thus in the service of humanity can stand a fleet of 500mlrd units of machines, mechanisms and equipment, which are somehow combined with some network.

always be people

Local and global management of such networks and flows "the big date" are engaged in the same machine, which in turn is run by people so for any technology development and/or technical re-equipment in the head will always be people, and therefore control methods will depend only on them.

Mutual integration of many technologies such as the Internet of things, big date, blockchain, digital economy, digitalisation of the industry with reasonable control and the human part on not less than 60%, will in the next 15-20 years to build space stations and ships for intergalactic travel, and therefore to change small local goal States to synergy global planetary goals. 

nearly $10 trillion

Over the past few months in the world was issued more than 1 thousand. new applications on the blockchain, the anonymous enthusiasts have invested $1.3 billion, the cost of the founder blockchain, cryptocurrency bitcoin has grown over 5 years 400 times.
The last time such agiotage was observed twenty years ago, on the NASDAQ is due to the fact that mankind has realized the prospects of the Internet. Revolution blockchain is even faster, and the principle of "winner takes all" in her case is 100%.
According to the world economic forum, projects in the blockchain can provide up to 10% of world GDP in 2025 — nearly $10 trillion.

Standards and technology, based on which it will build a new reality, are now. The uniqueness of this situation for Russia is that a blockchain and crypto technology by the Russians or have a connection with the country — the most famous example is the Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin.

cash by the year 2026

Progressive countries from Kenya to Sweden are making efforts to increase the share of electronic payments, moving towards the abolition of banknotes. Rejection of paper money on the agenda even in a country where they were invented: the head of the Central Bank of China stated that China will abandon cash by the year 2026.

However, don't underestimate the human mind and the power of the market. The cost of the first token soared due to the fact that crypto money that bought them was $100 billion, but the ICO unit. Today, the market capitalization of crypto-currencies $180 billion.
A future course, do not like Central banks, but it still does not mean the end of an era of sovereign States: the development of Europe already soon 20 years as living without a national currency, currencies of some developing countries pegged to the us dollar, the ruble is de facto highly dependent on the price of Brent.

Japan — world's third largest economy

In the modern world, the whole nation was in the position of startups and forced to make decisions on the fly. Japan — world's third largest economy and a technological superpower — declared crypto-currencies as means of payment and issued licenses to 11 exchanges leading trading crypto assets. China, which once accounted for 90% of the trading volume in bitcoins as abruptly gave the command "stop", for fear of the avalanche-like growth of withdrawal of money from the country to bypass currency restrictions. 

Switzerland and Singapore took the path of creating a regulatory "sandbox" — experimental regimes in which innovative companies are able to operate in the absence of regulation, while the state is studying the results in dynamics and shape the regulatory framework in the light of practical experience.

$1 billion a year

Now the daily turnover of transactions with crypto currencies which make Russian investors on foreign exchanges, is about $40 million According to expert estimates, capital outflow from Russia to foreign crypto exchange is about $1 billion a year. We can oppose him multiple greater capital inflow into the Russian economy, if you decide to active competition in the cryptocurrency market and ICO. 

After a few years in the world earn apps that on one smartphone almost for free will replace the Bank, the court, notary, Registrar, Depositary and auditor. In creating this new intelligent infrastructure will bring together Russian experts. From the decisions agreed today to decide whether these guys work in Russian or foreign companies, will the blockchain, just as the atom, space and ballet, our goods for export, or we will exchange the access to the global blockchain infrastructure for oil and gas.



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