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This document WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN is intended solely for obtaining information about the project WRITES, and is not a means of inducing the purchase of securities (or other assets) of the company/project GIBN or any other mentioned company. Any such action may only be applicable on the basis of another appropriate instrument issued in accordance with the laws applicable to investments and securities.

The company / project GIBN shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any other kind arising, directly or indirectly, from any information received and/or provided contained in this document WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN, any kind of errors, omissions and/or inaccuracies in any information, any action taken on the basis set forth in this document information.
The information contained in this document WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN, can not be exhaustive, and does not imply any elements of the contractual relationship.

The contents of this WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN document are not binding on the systems, structures and modules of the company's ecosystem/GIBN project and/or its subsidiaries/GIBN project projects and digital tokens.

GIBN company / project reserves the right to modify, modify, add or remove portions of this WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN document for any reason at any time before, during and after the sale of GIBN project tokens by posting an updated version of WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN on the website.

This WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN document is not an investment, legal, tax, regulatory, financial, accounting or other call to action, Advisory Board, and this WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN document is not intended to provide a single basis for any evaluation of the acquisition of GIBN project digital tokens.
Prior to purchasing GIBN digital tokens, a prospective buyer should consult with their legal, investment, tax, accounting and other consultants to determine the potential benefits, burdens and other consequences of such a transaction.

Digital tokens of the GIBN project are not offered or distributed, nor may they be resold or otherwise alienated by THEIR owners to citizens, individuals and legal entities having their usual place of residence, location or place of registration in the country or in the territory where transactions with digital tokens are prohibited or in any way restricted by applicable laws or regulations.
If such a limited person independently acquires the digital tokens of the GIBN project, such a limited person does so on an illegal, unauthorized and fraudulent basis and in this regard bears the negative consequences independently.

Some of the proposals, ideas, statements, estimates and financial information contained in this WHITEPAPER ICO GIBN document are forward-looking and/or forward-looking statements or information. 

Such statements or information are projected and/or long-term nature associated with known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or results implied or expressed in such forward-looking statements or information.
Company/project GIBN this document alerts the User, and the User should carefully note the following:
• All current project and / or market assessments of GIBN project digital tokens are derived from third-party indices and there is no guarantee as to the accuracy of these prices and no liability for trusting them is accepted.
• Before any user decides to buy, store and use GIBN digital tokens, THE User shall ensure that he / she fully understands all possible risks, including, but not limited to, the risk of losing access to GIBN digital tokens due to the loss of his / her secret key, the risks associated with the operation of the Ethereum blockchain platform and protocols, the risk of possible hacking and protection of weaknesses, the risks of uninsured losses, the risks associated with the uncertainty of legislation, rules and enforcement actions.
The above warning about the possible risks, is not a complete list of risks and other important information associated with acquiring, storing and using digital tokens GIBN project, and is subject to a more complete study on the part of Users, which should be considered by the User in full and carefully.

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